About Us

We want to start by saying, we’re life long restaurant people. My husband, our Chef, was born and raised in New York. He went to culinary school at Johnson-Wales. During the 1980’s he worked for some of the best Chefs in Manhattan.

I am a Dairy Farmers Daughter from Northern Minnesota. I’ve been lucky to have worked in this business in California, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and many other cities across the USA.

We have owned and operated our Prima Restaurant since 1999. We believe in quality food sourced from the best ingredients available and made from scratch in our kitchen. We make things the old way, stock from bones with fresh vegetables, simmered all night on our stove. Desserts and sauces are made here, by us, not some food factory 500 miles away. 2014 will mark the start of our 15th year in South Minneapolis. We’re appreciative of our loyal neighborhood guests and welcome all newcomers to try our beloved Prima. Come by, have lunch or dinner, pick-up carry-out or just say hello. Enjoy what we feel is some of the best, freshest, from-scratch, value priced cuisine in the City.

Jennifer and Eliot King, Owners, Prima.